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Would you like be out of debt in the next 3 years?

Debt Settlement of America can help you make this happen while lowering your monthly payment.


We lower your principal by an average of 60%* by negotiating with your creditors.

Who Qualifies?

Only people who are struggling or behind on their bills. If you are considering bankruptcy, then you are a perfect candidate. Also, if you have some type of hardship such as high medical bills, disability, reduction of income or loss of job you may qualify.

Who Doesn’t Qualify?

People who can make payments of $30+ per creditor PLUS the minimum payment. If you do not have enough income to pay at least 1% of your unsecured balance.

* Our average settlement for all of our clients is 60% OFF the current balance. Individual results do vary.

Get FREE consultation for the BEST debt settlment. Fill our or call us toll free (888) 767-9117 NOW.


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Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Negotiation
Debt Settlement of America
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