About Us

Who We Are

A national debt settlement company which specializes in helping individuals who have, or are experiencing hardships and would like to avoid bankruptcy.

What we do is negotiate settlements between the creditors and our clients in order to significantly reduce the amount of money owed to the creditors.

Our Aim

Eliminate all credit card and unsecured debts in just 24-36 months.

Reduce your debts by 60 cents on the dollar.

Reduce the pressure and stress that comes with a financial burden.

Assist you in handling and eliminating any harassment calls from the creditors by having a third party non-profit consumer advocacy agency immediately contact your creditors.

Help you get back into a financially positive condition, while teaching you how to retain this financial freedom.

We do not work for credit card companies. We are not a loan company or a collection agency. Nor are we a Consumer Credit Counseling organization. We work for you by negotiating settlements to their lowest possible amount.

The Benefits of the Program

Become Free of debts in just 24-36 months
Get the help you need with creditor harassment
We can settle even your creditor judgments/liens
Help you to avoid bankruptcy
Fees based on getting results
Types of debts we work with

Credit Cards
Unsecured Bank Loans
Professional Fees
Unsecured Lines of Credit
Repossessed Vehicle Loans
Dental Bills
Collection Agencies
Merchant and Store Cards
Hospital and Medical Bills
Unsecured Business debts
Creditor Law Suits
Collection Attorneys
However not everyone qualifies for this program, to find out if this will work for you either fill our web consultation form or call our toll free 877-482-4770

Types of debts we don’t work with

Most student loans or SBA loans
Home Loans/Mortgages
Automobile Loans (if you still have the car)
Federally Guaranteed Student Loans
Equity Credit Lines
Any Loan Secured by Property
Child Support
Utility Bills
Phone Bills when the line is still connected
If you are unsure whether you qualify for this program please call toll free 877-482-4770 for a free consultation.

We get paid on a performance basis as a flat percentage of the amount we save you from your settlement.