Debt Consolidation vs

Debt ConsolidationDebt Negotiation
Be out of Debt in 7-8 yearsBe out of Debt in 2-3 years
Reduce interest to an average of 13%Eliminate Principle an average of 60%
Ideal for people who can’t cut up their credit cardsReduce Monthly Payments compared to Credit Card minimums
 Ideal for people who have reached their credit limits
78% of people don’t complete the programPossible Lawsuits, Liens, Judgments or Garnishments
Payments are Higher than the minimums payments made to the creditors (typically 2.5% of debt amount)Remote possibility that the creditor won’t settle and you owe more due to late fees and interest
Increased Monthly Payments compared to Credit Card minimums.Credit Rating Drops
Credit Rating Drops 

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